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What It’s Like: Tesla Drive Unit Failure In A State With No Tesla Service

Imagine accelerating away from a light when suddenly — BANG! — your Tesla makes a loud sound and sends a snapping shudder through the whole car ... then you realize that you live in a state that doesn't allow Tesla to operate sales or service centers

Tesla Is 6th Most Valuable Company In US On Stock Market

Tesla, a company focused on sustainability and renewables, is now the 6th most valuable company in the United States. It just overtook Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway, Inc's market cap

Replacing A Coal Plant Takes An Infinite Number Of Wind Turbines

It’s amazing that anyone can consider replacing coal with wind energy when you look at how many wind turbines it takes to replace the things we get for free from coal

Tesla’s Elon Musk Will Be Honored With The 2020 Axel Springer Award For His “Indomitable Will” To Achieve His Great Visions

Elon Musk will be the 2020 recipient of the Axel Springer Award, which is given to outstanding personalities who are innovative, generate and change markets, and influence culture while owning up to their responsibility to society

Averting Climate Change Is Up To Us

Right now, we have the technologies to make big leaps in the fight for a future based on the principle of climate justice which puts the interest of its people first. What we need are decision makers who are willing to commit themselves to ambitious climate action and not postpone inconvenient processes to their successors

The Big Ways Full Self Driving & Machine Learning Differ From Our Brains

While I'm only at the beginning of this journey, what I've learned so far has been very enlightening. It's tempting to see systems like Tesla's Full Self Driving (FSD) beta as a child that is learning by doing while we supervise and keep things safe

Zimbabwe’s Energy Regulator, ZERA, Adds Nissan Leaf e+ To Its Fleet

ZERA has just added a brand new 2020 Nissan Leaf to its fleet. The 62 kWh Leaf e+ has a real world range of over 350 kilometers depending on driving conditions

Audi Formula E Drivetrain Is 95% Efficient

Audi's new powertrain for Formula E puts out 383 hp but weighs just over 100 pounds. It is 95% effeicient.

Electric Vehicle Adoption — About To Explode? Or Slow & Steady?

I wrote a version of this article below almost a year ago for another company in order to explain the EV market and its future potential. With some modification, I'm publishing it here too

Black Friday: Get A Jump On Holiday Shopping For Your Tesla

Waiting until the last minute for your holiday shopping can be frantic and unsettling. It's like a last-minute fire drill. Sure, if you're a Tesla owner, you're probably ahead of the curve. A friendly reminder, though — it might be worthwhile to start your holiday Tesla shopping today