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[RO] Prosumator în România, controlul

[EN] Let's talk about: Basic understanding of electric car

[EN] My first MWh of 100% renewable clean energy

[EN] Tesla has started producing MEDICAL VENTILATORS

[RO] Prosumator în România, faza: Intimidare

Breaking! French Electric Vehicle Market Share At 7.5% In May, 9.2% Year To Date

France saw a plugin electric vehicle market share of 7.5% in May 2020, triple the May 2019 result, in a steadily recovering overall auto market that is down 50% year on year (YoY). The cumulative 2020 EV result stands at 9.2% share ... Read More

Volkswagen T2 Camper Van Electric Conversion — Part 1

A couple of months ago I introduced you to a UK company that converts classic cars to electric propulsion. The company, named eDub Services, was founded by a young man named Kit Lacey, and since my piece on his business he and I have been in conversation about this fascinating field of entrepreneurship ... Read More

Alliant Energy Announces 6 Solar Projects Totaling 675 MW In Wisconsin

Solar is top of the list of cost-effective and sustainable energy options. The solar industry also creates long-term careers, bringing cleaner futures into the community, as well as the individual employees ... Read More

Watch This Wrecked Tesla Model 3 Charging & Launching In Track Mode

Despite the body frame of this Tesla Model 3 Performance being totally damaged, the car has managed to live, the chassis and electrical and electronic components of the safest car on the planet somehow stayed intact during the several times it rolled over during the incident that led to its current visual condition ... Read More

With North Dakota, All 48 Continental US States Have Tesla Superchargers

Tesla now has Superchargers in all 48 continental US states. Erik also noted that more Superchargers along I-94 should be coming online soon ... Read More

Why We Fight: Political & Economic Power Belong In Your Hands

“The truth, then, is that on the other end of this crisis we cannot return to normal. Normal was already a nightmare for so many of us.” ... Read More

SpaceX Crew Dragon Gets To The ISS, But What About Doing It With Renewable Energy?

We could turn water into rocket fuel sufficient for a Space Shuttle launch using a month's wind power from a small wind farm at a cost of about $285,000, a bit more than market prices but a drop in the bucket compared to the $450 million to $1.5 billion per Space Shuttle launch ... Read More

After Coronavirus, What’s Next? China: More Coal, US: More Oil, EU: More Renewables

In the struggle to figure out how the world gets back to normal, only the EU is pursuing zero emissions goals. The road map to a clean future is right there in front of us, but few leaders are paying any attention to it. ... Read More

Biofuel Gets Another “Never Surrender!” Moment

New research on biofuel from cyanobacteria provides a glimmer of hope for biofuel fans in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis ... Read More

US Electric Vehicle Market: Now VinFast Wants Piece Of Hot Pie

Vietnamese startup VinFast is banking on a long range electric vehicle battery and a Pininfarina design to win hearts and minds in the ... Read More