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Hybrid car, another way to sell internal combustion engines

Tesla Model 3 in România

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Tesla community România - First 2019 meeting

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Climate Catastrophe Protests — In The Netherlands, The Kids Take Politicians Back To School

This week, schoolchildren and adults all over Europe and Australia are protesting government inaction on climate change. In the US, large portions of half the population are also protesting and the other half of the population is still deciding whether they “want” to believe in it — or, in the more advanced stages, whether to believe in the severity of the problem. Actually, it's not a problem, it's a full blown catastrophe, a complete and total destabilization of the world climate ... Read More

2019 Beginner’s Guide To Full Self Flying, & How It’s Not Like Full Self Driving

We are almost constantly referencing autonomous vehicles. Some say we’re almost there. However, that concerns autonomy on the roads — what about autonomy in the skies? No, I don’t mean the autopilot that large airplanes have used for years. I mean *full self flying* ... Read More

Tesla Model 3 Takes #1 Spot In Dutch Auto Market

At the end of August, Tesla reached the #3 spot in terms of 2019 Dutch auto sales, as Zach wrote yesterday. That was a memorable achievement for a model that started deliveries only halfway through February in earnest. But we also have September sales data for the top 3 automobiles, and September is a last-month-of-quarter month. All Tesla watchers know what that entails — the end-of-quarter delivery rush that Tesla still hasn't gotten rid of ... Read More

Tesla Accessories for the Model 3, Model S, and Model X

EV Items makes cool accessories for your Tesla Model S, Model X, and Model 3, and is offering a special discount to our readers. ... Read More

California Is Investing $95 Million Into Clean Transportation

California has announced that it is investing $95 million into clean transportation with several goals in mind, including helping those living in disadvantaged communities get access to clean transportation ... Read More

New Orleans Tesla Service Center Is Close To Ready

Tesla's New Orleans service center may soon be here. Right now, it's in "coming soon" mode on the Tesla website. In 2018, The Times-Picayune first reported that Tesla would opening a service center in New Orleans. Tesla is renovating an existing warehouse lot on Tchoupitoulas Street to provide space for new vehicles ready for delivery. In plans Tesla filed with the city, the center will perform maintenance and repair services for Tesla vehicles and be a delivery point for new vehicle orders. This information came from ... Read More

Daimler & VW Saying Auf Wiedersehn To Internal Combustion Engines, But Not BMW

Mercedes-Benz has announced it will not be developing a next generation of internal combustion engines as it shifts its focus to electric powertrains. ... Read More

Beautiful Tesla Roadster Ad Created By Billy Crammer

Billy Cramer is a 21-year-old video editor from Stockholm Sweden who has been studying filmmaking and learning everything he can about this art form for many years. His experience in directing, writing, and editing has helped him to land more than 100,00 subscribers on YouTube ... Read More

Are Major Climate Crisis Organizations Modeling A Livable Future On Climate Strike Day?

Climate strikes are pushing environmental organizations to advocate for more robust zero carbon emission goals ... Read More

Tesla Model 3 Is #1 Best Selling Vehicle In Norway, #3 In Netherlands, #7 In Switzerland — CleanTechnica Report

The Tesla Model 3 is in a class of its own. It's quicker and more fun to drive than a BMW, safer than a Volvo, has better tech than a Mercedes, and often has a total cost of ownership similar to a Toyota Camry or Honda Accord. All of that makes it a highly competitive vehicle in several markets. Its biggest downside is that the starting price, especially in Europe, put it in the premium car class, and many consumers can't afford a premium-class car ... Read More