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First Romanian EV Owners Meeting

The Master Plan or how to switch Europe to EVs by 2030 - Part II

The Master Plan or how to switch Europe to EVs by 2030 - Part I

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2013–2019: Tesla Sales Jump From ~20,000 Per Year To ~20,000–30,000 Per Month … But Tesla Stock (TSLA) Barely Up

I think anyone who has ever played the stock market has considered it irrational, at least some of the time. When a stock goes in the opposite direction from what you expected, that's typically the feeling ... Read More

Many States Squander VW Settlement Money, US PIRG Report Shows

US PIRG has examined the proposals submitted by the states for spending the money they receive from the Volkswagen diesel cheating fund. It finds most states are not using that money to speed up the electrification of the transportation sector. ... Read More

Providence, Rhode Island Trials Autonomous Shuttle From May Mobility

Electric autonomous shuttles from May Mobility have begun operating in Providence, Rhode Island thanks in part to money from the Volkswagen diesel settlement funds. ... Read More

Will Electric Flying Overtake High-Speed Trains?

Will electric flying overtake high-speed trains ... Read More

Cleantech-Focused Innovation Organizations: More Money, More Resources, Faster Time To Market

Energy innovation is both time- and capital-intensive and heavily regulated. Because investors tend to be risk-averse when it comes to technological development, cleantech startups face a broad array of challenges that can impede their technology from making it to the marketplace. According to one prominent venture capitalist in the energy space, “If I have to put in $30 million to find out if the technology will work, it’s a no-go.” ... Read More

Panasonic Launches EV Charging Stations In India

Panasonic became the latest company to join an expanding list of global companies looking to gain early market share in the ready-to-boom Indian electric mobility market. ... Read More

Tesla Model 3 = 3rd Best Selling Vehicle In California In 1st Quarter

The Tesla Model 3 is a lot like the Buick Regal. Actually, no, not really. They do have a similar starting price, but the Model 3 is approximately three worlds better and also has a much lower cost of ownership ... Read More

Tesla Vancouver Store Reportedly Took In ~800 Model 3 Orders Last Week

A Canadian Tesla enthusiast reported on Sunday that he recently sent an email to his Tesla rep in Vancouver to inquire about consumer interest there and the Tesla rep told him the Vancouver store had taken in approximately 800 orders in the past week. But the most interesting thing was this customer's comparison to a Nissan LEAF order ... Read More

Farming Carbon Capture Has Potential, But Is Not A Magic Bullet

Farming carbon capture has value beyond CO2, so is well worth pursuing even though it will be a slow and relatively small wedge ... Read More

Southern California Fleet Owners Learn How To Go Electric

SCE’s Charge Ready Transport Program helps customers add charging for more than 8,000 trucks and industrial vehicles ... Read More