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How a grid operator in România is making you pay for the electricity you never consumed

Hybrid car, another way to sell internal combustion engines

Tesla Model 3 in România

Smart Mobility Cluj 2019

Tesla community România - First 2019 meeting

Botswana-Based Accite Holdings Brings Plant-Based Meat Revolution To Africa With Beyond Meat

Infinite Foods, a subsidiary of Botswana-based Accite Holdings, plans to tackle Africa’s nutrition problem in a more sustainable way by promoting plant-based food products across Sub-Saharan Africa. Africa’s expanding population and development will see many move into middle income status and with it increase their meat and dairy intake. Increased meat and dairy intake on a global scale will put more strain on the Earth’s resources which will struggle to sustain the projected surge in demand for red meat and milk using an animal-based system, which is inefficient ... Read More

Cruise Origin Autonomous Electric Vehicle Unveiled

Cruise revealed Origin, the autonomous electric people mover it thinks will rule the ride-hailing business in the future, once its guidance technology proves it is superior to a human driver. ... Read More

Waiting For Tesla Full Self Driving, These Are My Top Questions & Thoughts (As A User)

I'll admit it — I'm super eager for the first edition of Tesla "Full Self Driving" to roll out. Before critics start freaking out, I should make clear that I don't expect to nap, work, or watch movies while using initial iterations of Full Self Driving. I currently use Autopilot a ton, and I'm well aware that it is handling most of the driving just fine while I'm essentially a simple passenger, but I do keep my hands on the wheel and constantly scan the road like a pretend driver fully focused on acting out the role in search of an Oscar (or at least a Teen Choice Award) ... Read More

TeslaTheater.com (Beta) Is Live

A Tesla owner (TeslaModel11 on Reddit) created and developed TeslaTheater, which is a free service for fellow Tesla owners that will allow them to access different streaming media apps in full screen instead of just in a small browser window. The creator has verified its functionality on the Model 3, Model S, and Model X. He feels it is ready for wider beta testing and feedback ... Read More

Tesla Cars ≠ Pollution … Tesla’s Full Stack Disruption … Model 3 vs. Model Y — CleanTechnica Top 20

Last week's top stories on CleanTechnica included Andy Miles explaining why Tesla vehicles cut pollution rather than causing more pollution, a rundown of how Tesla's "full stack disruption" sets it apart from the auto crowd, and yet another comparison of the Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model ... Read More

Preserving The Silence — DIY Fixes For Tesla Model 3 Rattling/Creaking Noises

Sometimes we don't realize what noise pollution is until we are far from it. Even noises we don't pay attention to can be disturbing quality of life more than we realize. Some Tesla Model 3 owners have had issues with rattling and creaking noises. A couple of owners have some DIY solutions to share ... Read More

WSJ Takes A Victory Lap For Elon Musk, Tesla

Elon Musk has accomplished some remarkable things at Tesla. However, one consistent knock leveled against the CEO has been a habit of missing deadlines. Let's face it, Elon Musk has a track record of being late ... Read More

Legal Settlement Allows Tesla To Sell Cars In Michigan (Finally)

A new legal settlement ruled in favor of Tesla in Michigan. Tesla can now sell and service its vehicles in the state of Michigan, according to an anonymous source close to the matter. This agreement will enable Tesla buyers to pick up any new Tesla vehicles they buy within Michigan instead of having to leave the state to do so. But the deal is a bit complicated ... Read More

Tesla Responds To “Sudden Unintended Acceleration” Petition To NHTSA

Tesla responded to reports of sudden unintended acceleration involving its cars in a blog post January 20. ... Read More

Teslas & Other EVs In Extreme Cold (-36°C)

Electric vehicles lose a bit of range when it gets colder outside, but will still start reliably. In Saskatchewan, this is proving to be true ... Read More